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A while ago, I was discussing with a client on the importance of having a website for her business.

“I would really love to have a website, she said, but I can’t afford it at the moment.

Can’t I get a blog for now?” She asked.

Here’s my reply………

Before you decide if you should get a blog or a website, READ THIS!

People often use these terms (Website and Blog) interchangeably, as they seem quite similar but there is a difference in the structure.



A website is any page on the web that hosts some sort on information, with a landing page that does not change with time (It is static just like a brick and mortar company).
Some prefer to call it an “online company”. This is one of the easiest ways for people to locate you online and contact you. Your website is your digital company.
48% of people determine the credibility of a business by its website design, says Blue Corona, an award-winning, USA-based digital marketing company.  
Your website answers the question of “Who you are”, “What you do”, and “How you run your business”.
Just like every brick-and-mortar-company, the website then has different department or in this case, pages that displays different information.
From the homepage, a website gives you access to other pages such as:
  • Services/products page, which keeps the customers updated about your products/services, both old and latest ones.
  • Feedback form, which helps your customers to get in touch through emails.
  • “About us” page, which tells people what your company is about.
  • A page of client testimonials, which gives credibility.
  • Frequently asked questions page, which provides your visitors with a great experience, seeing answers to their questions before they ask.
  • Company’s terms and privacy statements pages.
  • An online store where customers can browse through your collections of goods for sale and make purchase accordingly.
  • Photo galleries, where you display pictures that tell stories about your company, and customers can browse through and comment.
  • A page that displays portfolio of works you have done in the past.
  • A blog can also be a part of a website. It basically provides direct interaction and engagement between the company and customers. Look at this in form of Public Relations.


WHAT IS A BLOG?                                             

A blog, on the other hand, is a type of website.

A blog is a content-based website designed for interactive communication.

It can be compared to an online dairy or journal where people share information about a particular subject/niche, with special focus on engaging customers and potential customers.

Your blog displays your expertise and how up-to-date you are about your business.

This is where trust comes in – Your blog is where you connect with your customers on a one-on-one personal level, building relationship and trust.

Blogs organize content in reverse chronological order, with most recent published posts appearing first.

So, basically, if I visit a blog today and I find very interesting information about a product/service, if I check back in some weeks, I might not easily locate it as long as there are more recent contents.

This is even more delicate for people who are visiting your blog for the first time.

The more content available on your blog, the more difficult it will be for your visitors to find them. And if they do not find what they need on time, they will leave your blog for good.

Interestingly, you can use tags and categories to organize your contents so people can easily locate them.

A blog can be a standalone site or it can be a section of a larger site – website. By this, I mean you can operate a blog on a website.

Many website users practice this. They have a static website and a blog to engage customers.

The beauty of having a blog is that you can get feedback from your customers through a comment section which allows you to create dialogues or discussions with your customers.

Most blogs are built with content management systems with allows you to easily organize your contents.


Should You Have A Blog Or A Website?

As much as I would love to give you a straightforward answer, I will still suggest you decide by yourself, while I present my case.

A while ago, a lady called me to ask about our Facebook Advertising Mastery Class. Just as I was convincing her to register, she asked a question I will not forget easily.

Do you have a website? She asked

Well, with a grin, I replied yes and gave her the link to the website.

According to Pew Internet, more than 50% of all buying decisions are based upon online information. For some businesses, the figure is even higher.

The only way people can easily get access to information about your products/services is through a homepage with static contents that rarely change which can be provided by a website, not blog.

If a visitor to your website can not immediately understand what products/service you sell, you will lose them in seconds.

The average attention span of humans is only eight seconds. Your website helps you to grab their attention within few seconds through colorful and attractive designs, easy to locate information, and well-organized structure.

On the other hand, a website without a blog is a one-way kind of communication. Your customers can not interact with you. A blog is an interactive interface where you communicate with (most times) your customers.

Communication builds trust. Communication builds relationship. You need both relationships and trust to remain in business.

With a blog, you can show your expertise through interesting and educative contents and also engage your customers.

You can build a community! You can keep your customers always coming for more like we do at Automated eCash Online Business Company.

If you have read this article till this point, then, you are an intelligent entrepreneur who cares about the success of his business.

Considering the benefits of both a blog and a website, I would suggest you get both.

Automated eCash Online Business Company has both a blog and a website. With a blog, we can always keep you informed.

You should do the same too.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to have a website.

Currently, we are doing a promo for our customers. With just thirty thousand naira, you can now have your own website (Our normal price is fifty thousand naira).

About Automated eCash’s Discounted Website Design Package for FAMC Students

It doesn’t cost a fortune to have your own website…

We’ve made it cheaper for you!

Your package will come with: 

– 1 year hosting with our trusted hosting company (that we use) 

– Free for life domain name registration (for yourchosenname.“com.ng” only) 

– Facebook Pixel Installation on the website to track visitor’s data 

– We’ll help you share the website with our over 1, 500 WhatsApp contacts and in over 100 WhatsApp groups 

– Beautiful, easily customizable template 

– We’ll help you connect the website with your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus social media accounts/pages 

– Modern website optimized for mobile, tab and desktop views (come/responsive) 

– Free custom email account creation e.g. yourname@yourwebsite.com

– You’ll have full access to your website- including Control Panel details

– Subsidized fee if you want us to write a sales page for your network marketing business where people can learn more about your business and sign up!

– Free Training (Video) on how to manage the basic aspects of the website

At the end of the day, you’ll finally own your own fully functional website, professionally designed by us.

Our normal price for all these services is N50, 000

But for FAMC students, we’ve brought it to a ridiculously affordable price of N30, 000 only.

This is because we understand the importance of having your own website and we want to make it as affordable as possible for you.

Your business needs both a website and a blog to succeed in this century.

Get yours NOW!


Website: automatedecash.com
E-mail: support@automatedecash.com
Phone number: +2348037067927
Twitter: twitter.com/automated_ecash


Iyanuoluwa Olamide Aliu

P.R/Social Media Manager

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