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Stop Wasting Time & Money On Ads That Doesn't Deliver Results...Learn How To Run Low Cost/Action, High-Converting Ads Like A Pro!

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Your training (FAMC) is the best Facebook Advertising Training I've ever attended. So simple and easy to follow.

- Valerie Pedro, Top Network Marketing Expert, Oriflame Nigeria

My sales has DOUBLED, such that,  the least amount I now make from the ad is N35, 000 DAILY. And I've sold over 400 copies of my book. Thanks so much for this training!

- Kehinde, CEO, Infopreneur
January 17, 2019

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join FAMC Today...

Join Facebook Advertising Mastery Course (FAMC) Today and learn how to drive high-converting profitable traffic - all from Facebook & Instagram!

#1 – 90% Practical Step-by-Step Facebook Advertising Training (N50, 000 Value)

FREE BONUS #1 – Access to Team Support ( Value: N20, 000)

FREE BONUS #2: “Door Opening” Facebook Advertising Master Certificate (Value: N10, 000)

FREE BONUS #3: Your 100% Risk-Free Guarantee- we lose money if YOU don't get result! (Value: N8, 250)

FREE BONUS #4: FAMC eBook Guide (Value: N5, 000)

Total Value: N93, 250

For Only N5, 500 before timer hits zero!

As far as I'm concerned, FAMC is free. The returns far outweighs and outlasts the investment.

- Jacqueline

This is the best Facebook Ads training I've ever attended. The trainers are patient and friendly. They try their best to carry everyone along.

- Muhammed

Are you a solopreneur or small business owner struggling to sell or recruit online?

Or a freelancer looking to dramatically improve your skills so you can charge better fees & make more money?

Do you find it hard to “break” into the online market and REALLY sell your product/services?

You’re not alone. Like Kehinde whose testimony I shared above, many of our students used to find it hard to make sales online…

Some have been “boosting posts” on Facebook without REALLY achieving their sales objectives…

…all they were getting was “likes” & “comments”

Are you experiencing a similar situation?- It’s not your fault, but I’m glad you’re here!

Hi, I'm Gbenga Borokinni

I’ve sold over N3million (over $8, 000) worth of products and services online within 6 months and trained hundreds of other students to make even more- thanks to Facebook Advertising!

But it wasn’t always like that. In fact, I was least likely to ever succeed online…

Right after high school, I noticed I had passion for online business- better put, I wanted to decode the Secret of Selling and Creating Wealth Online.

But there was a problem…

…I didn’t have any experience, training, certification, mentor, coach or anyone that could really give me a head-start.

But I did realize I had ONE thing. Yes, you guessed right, I had TIME.

I started searching…I studied for thousands of hours reading articles, downloaded all the free PDFs, watched tons of videos, attended several seminars (free and paid) and literally anything I could get my hands on to really educate myself on the subject.

I was in that frantic search for 4 straight years…

I had affiliate products at the time but getting even a single sale was a hard nut to crack.

Then one day I stumbled on a blog post where I read the following statement…

 “No Traffic, no business. know TRAFFIC, know business.”

Then I realized that if I was to sell massively online, I needed QUALITY TRAFFIC…and Lots of it

Okay, first problem solved, Now How Do I Get TRAFFIC?

There was REALLY only 2 two options:

  1. Free (aka Time) Traffic
  2. Investment (aka Paid) Traffic

My Experience With Free Traffic...

I had affiliate products I’ve been really struggling to sell at the time

Once I realized traffic is the blood-life of any business, I determined to go hard at getting it…

I created an account on major social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to be exact…

And started sharing my product links on all these platforms…

…I would post my links in Facebook groups, My Facebook Page, LinkedIn, WhatsApp groups and literally every platform I managed to get into…

Needless to say, I was soon tagged a spammer & got kicked out of many of those groups…

I did manage to get a few sales at that time, but it was very small.

And to make it even worse, it was taking too much of my time...it was like trading time for a meagre, which is something you definitely DON'T want to do!

If you’ve tried free traffic before, you know what I’m talking about…

I wanted more sales and I hated having to do the hard work of manually posting my links every single day…

…with no commensurate results (aka sales).

And the frustration of rejection plus “spammer tag” from group admins didn’t help either.

It was at that moment I knew I needed to find another way to get good traffic…

But this time, not just good traffic, but one that is targeted and can give me results (aka sales) as fast as possible…

Where do I turn to?

I Didn’t Run My First Facebook Ad Until August 2017…

I started with N1, 000…

…That’s what I spent on my first serious Facebook Ad in August 2017.

Just 1k…

Up until August 2017, I pretty much stayed away from Facebook Advertising.

  • It was too COMPLEX
  • It was intimidating…
  • It was a whole new world of advertising I was afraid to try (perhaps that fear was due to the lack of knowledge)
  • I was worried- what if I lost money?

But as I was in this state, I was seeing it everywhere..

…people were making a LOT of money on Facebook!

Around that time I met a guy online (John Taiwo by name), he was seriously crushing it on Facebook and he was charging around N75, 000 to help other people advertise on Facebook.

And all the while I kept seeing ads, and blogs, and articles...

Now, they were either lying or they knew something I didn’t. And as it turns out, they weren’t lying at all. So, I made some calls, attended some seminars, bought some online courses, and after hundreds of hours of digging in I found out one thing:

There’s an entire system to follow to be successful with Facebook advertising.

I just needed to LEARN IT!

My Journey to "The System" That Changed My Business

Launching that first ad in August 2017 was a BIG MOVE.

Because that’s when I went from focusing on free traffic to investment traffic.

It was a BIG JUMP because I had never done this before…

I was afraid…what if this doesn’t work and I lose my money?

I remember I launched that first Facebook Ad very late in the night (around 2am or so) and then I slept off…

But something happened when I woke up few hours later…

I had generated over 100 fresh leads with ad spend of just N600- while I was asleep!

I couldn’t believe my eyes,

I did it!

After several hours of research, many long nights, and a lot of effort, I finally discovered a way to make Facebook ads work.

To be clear, I didn’t make tens of thousands of naira off my first ad...

...but I did make a PROFIT

Fast forward to today, from ZERO income to selling products and services worth over ₦3 million (over $8, 000) online in less than 6 months!

Even more, I have since created FAMC where I teach other entrepreneurs this all-important Facebook Advertising skill to Selling and Creating Wealth Online.

I bless God I made the decision to partake in this training. Even though I started the lectures on my sick bed, its an eye-opener. I've learnt a lot and I'm still learning....

- Yetunde

Seriously, I'm getting things I never knew. I've ran paid ads before, but I can't remember doing all that [I was taught in FAMC] and following those steps...

- Comfort Ibiam

Paid traffic is the FASTEST way to get results online.

Listen, I totally get it

Facebook can be incredibly frustrating if you don’t know how to use it.

It can even be downright scary!

But - it can also be VERY PROFITABLE if you get it right! And in 2019, you definitely want to learn how to do that!

Here’s why:

  • Facebook has over  2.27 billion monthly active users, globally
  • 26 million of them are from Nigeria (Techpoint, 2018)
  • Over 1.4 billion people use Facebook DAILY (Dustn.tv, 2018)
  • On average, 5 accounts are created every second
  • Users access  Facebook an average of 8 times per day (Wordstream, 2018)
  • 72% of adults who use the internet use Facebook (Pew Research, 2015)...
  • 74% say they use Facebook for “professional purposes” (HubSpot, 2017)...
  • 800 billion hours. of video are watched on Facebook DAILY (Dustn.tv, 2018)...
  • Facebook now has 5M active advertisers, up from 4M in September (CNBC, 2017)...

Now think about that...

All you need to do is get a tiny sliver of those users to do business with you.

Just a fraction of a percent...

...to click on your ad.

...to watch your video.

...to get out their ATM card & hit that BUY button.

All you need is a small piece of the pie - and you’ll see your income will go through the roof! Believe me, as someone who just started less than 2 years ago...

...this is 100% achievable.

Facebook Advertising made me a millionaire in less than 6 months, after over 4 years of no results.

And guess what?- its actually FREE!

Why Facebook Advertising is Actually FREE…

Right now, I want to ask you a question…

If I make you a deal and say:

“Come, give me 1, 000 and in 10 days, I’ll give you back 10, 000”, how many times would you make that deal with me?

That’s a no brainer right, you would make such deal over and over...as long as you’re you’re GUARANTEED of getting 10, 000 back isn’t it?

Well, this is the exact scenario with Facebook Advertising!

Now let me give you a practical example…

This is actually my own experience with my very first ad…

At the time I already had my own product that was selling for N2, 000.

My investment to run the ad was N1, 000 and I was able to sell 5 copies of my product.

Now let’s assume I actually borrowed that initial N1, 000 I used to run the ad, and now pay back

How much money does I still have left? 9, 000 pure profit!

This is why I said Facebook Ad is actually FREE- because the returns on your investment is more than enough to pay for the ad cost!

Facebook Advertising made me a millionaire in less than 6 months, after over 4 years of no results.

It Can Do The Same for You, Here's How...

Remember Facebook has over 2 billion users (and 26 million from Nigeria alone)?

Of course, all of them cannot be your customer. And the good news is…

You don’t need all of them, you only need a TINY piece of that huge number to make millions...

So, my friend, let’s say…

…you have a product that sells for N5, 000

And you go to Facebook and say…

“Mr Facebook, I have a N5, 000 product to sell. I understand you have over 2 billion monthly users. So Mr Facebook, can you help me put my product in front of just 20, 000 of them?”

Facebook will smile and say, why not! 20, 000 out of my over 2 billion users?- you got it!

So you smile and say, very good.

Now listen up…

With all the detailed Targeting tools that Facebook provides, you can be sure that your product ad will only be shown to 20, 000 people who’re REALLY interested in your product- not just anybody!

Now let’s assume again that out of those 20, 000 people, only 20% clicked your ad… that’s 4, 000 people

…and eventually only a tiny piece of just 5% of that eventually Buy your product…that’s just 200 people…

Now let’s do the maths

Product Price: N5, 000

Quantity sold: 200

Revenue: 5, 000 x 200 = N1, 000, 000

Congratulations, you just made one million naira!

Is that possible, you ask?

Do you think that, out of over 2 billion people, even if luck doesn't really favour you…just 200 of them can buy your product?

Obvious answer, right? Great!

Now pause, ask yourself…

What happens if you’re selling a product/service of N10, 000? Or even N20, 000?

Do you know how much you can make?

Even if your product is as cheap as N2, 500, you’ll still make N500, 000 by selling just 200 copies!

Can you now see the potential of Facebook to make you sell massively and make you a millionaire in the process?

But wait…

I Get It- Facebook Ads IS Complex and People Lose Money…

In fact, some of our students lamented to have lost over N25, 000 to ads that didn’t work before coming across FAMC.

Facebook Ad interface can be very complex- it has a LOT of features…

This is why it’s very complex to understand…and I totally get it.

But complex as it is, it can be simplified…

…by just focusing on 3 simple steps!

The 3 Steps Mastering Facebook Ads...

Step 1: Objectives & Targeting

Step 2: Creating The Ad

Step 3: Scaling Up

Listen up, these are the ONLY 3 Key areas to focus on if you want to master Facebook Advertising- ignore everything else on the platform!

I’ve run lots of ads and trained hundreds of others to become super successful with Facebook Ads. I’ve invested hundreds of hours- listened to several podcasts, read all the post and tutorials, and what I’ve found is…

…you only need to master these 3 steps to make Facebook Ads profitable:

  • Objectives & Targeting: This is where you set the foundation by telling Facebook WHAT you want & WHO you want to reach. It’s one of the “super power” secrets behind successful Facebook Ads, get this right and you’re on your way to HUGE success with Facebook Advertising!
  • Creating The Ad: This is where you bring in your creativity in visual design and written words. You need to understand copywriting, psychology of your prospect and how to connect visually with them. This is where a lot of marketers get it dead wrong.
  • Scaling Up: Okay now you’ve mastered the first two steps and are now getting some results- this is where the REAL result lies- investing more for bigger profit!

Inside FAMC, I go into ACTUALL DETAILS of each of the 3 steps above.

When you master them, you WILL become a Facebook Advertising Rockstar!

FAMC Was Created For You If…

You’re tired of spinning the wheels and losing money on Ads that don't work.

You want to learn the exact skill you need to take your failing business and turn it to a HUGE SUCCESS…

You want to experience the power of “effortless traffic”- rejection free and laser targeted!

FAMC is planned to make you an online success...

It covers ALL you’ll ever need to know and leaves out the BS that only waste your time and effort…

Whether you’re a pro Facebook Advertiser or its your first time…

…FAMC is your best chance at HUGE success at selling online!

Want to Master Facebook Advertising?

Step #1: Join FAMC

I pour all my 4+ years of research, testing, failing and learning into this course.

Its literally my brain-dump on all things Facebook Advertising.

I show you EVERYTHING.

And you’re not alone, hundreds of students from 6 countries have gone through this course- and the testimonies are still rolling in till tomorrow…

This course is designed to pay for itself!

“I have spent less than N1, 000 (N700 to be exact!) to make 24, 000 and gotten a lot of leads I can follow up. I think this ad is going to be super-successful. I don't ever want to stop this ad, thanks so much for this (FAMC) training!”- Kehinde

Take Action Before This Offer Expires

Join FAMC Now!N5, 500 ($15.09) One-Time Investment

Everything You Need to Master Facebook Advertising...

#1:  Full 90% Practical Facebook Advertising Training...

We cover all the basics and the go pros!

PART A: Introduction

Lesson 1: Why You Need to Promote Your Business Online

Lesson 2: How Money is REALLY Made Online

Lesson 3: Why Facebook and Instagram?

PART B: Getting Started

Lesson 4: Introduction to Facebook Advertising

Lesson 5: Setting Up Your Ad Account "the FAMC Way"

Lesson 6: 3 Steps to a successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Lesson 7: Targeting, Creating, Scaling

Lesson 8: Targeting: Psychology of Facebook’s Detailed Targeting- How It works

Lesson 9: 2 Powerful Tools To Use In Targeting

Lesson 10: Creating- Types of Facebook Ads, Ad Objectives & When To Use Them, Getting Your Ad Image Right

PART C: Advancing Facebook Ads

Lesson 11: Scaling- Refining Your Audience,  How To Scale

Lesson 12: Mastering split-testing

Lesson 13:  Custom Audiences

Lesson 14: Lookalike Audiences

Lesson 15: Working With Facebook Pixels

Lesson 16: Retargeting

PART D: Rounding Up

Lesson 17: Lead Conversion Strategies- aka How to Turn leads to PAYING Customers!

Lesson 18: Your Targeting Assistant

Lesson 19: Making Money With Your New Skill

Lesson 20: About FAMC Affiliate Program- How to Recoup Your Enrollment Fee Back In 3 days or Less!

And Here Are FREE Bonuses, All Yours When You Sign Up Today!

  • Access to Team Support

    No, you’re not going to be stuck at any of the practical stages and not get help.

    Our support TEAM will be just a fingertip away, ready to help you out!

  • "Door Opening" Facebook Advertising Master Certificate

    Get higher-paying clients with our “Facebook Ads Master” certificate.

    Even if you’ve never run an ad before, simply join the FAMC affiliate program to produce some results and you’re on your way to launching your own agency!

  • Get Result or Get Your Money Back

    No, you’ll not only get full refund, but with an extra 50% to say “sorry for wasting your time.” (T&C applies)

  • FAMC eBook Guide

    I get it, we forget things sometimes.

    This step-by-step ebook guide will be your REFERENCE companion.


We Lose (Because We'll Pay You) Money If YOU Don't Get Results

FAMC is 100% risk-free– (T&C applies)- if you implement everything we’ll teach you  consistently with our support for 3 months and you don’t start to see any measurable results, we’ll refund your money, and add 50% extra to say “we’re sorry” for wasting your time!


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join FAMC Today...

#1 – 90% Practical Step-by-Step Facebook Advertising Training (N50, 000 Value)

FREE BONUS #1 – Access to Team Support ( Value: N20, 000)

FREE BONUS #2: “Door Opening” Facebook Advertising Master Certificate (Value: N10, 000)

FREE BONUS #3: Your 100% Risk-Free Guarantee- we lose money if YOU don't get result! (Value: N8, 250)

FREE BONUS #4: FAMC eBook Guide (Value: N5, 000)

Total Value: N93, 250

For Only N5, 500 before timer hits zero!

Start Mastering The Platform That

1.4billion People Use EVERY DAY...

  • You can become a member of FAMC community of entrepreneurs now
  • This offer will NOT be available at this price forever.
  • We can only handle a handful of students at a go for quality guarantee...aka seats are really LIMITED. Once we're full, we're shutting it down.
  • The 90% off is applied now. It might not be available if you leave and come back!

What are you waiting for? Click through and master Facebook Advertising once and for all and see your profits soar!

Join FAMC Now!N5, 500 ($15.09) One-Time Investment

Your Questions Answered...

What is FAMC? +

FAMC is an acronym for "Facebook Ads Mastery Course", an online course currently hosted in a Professionally managed members-only WhatsApp group but moving to our e-learning platform soon.

Are There Any Recurring Payment? +

No, FAMC is a one-time investment.

More Questions?

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