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Today I want to share a little story with you about the biggest secret I learnt about making money in my 100 level days at school.

If you’ve seen my LinkedIn Profile, I describe myself as a ‘Student Entrepreneur and Online Business Enthusiast’. I chose this description because my entrepreneurial adventure started in my 100 level days in my school- Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Ondo State.


I did a course in 100 level on entrepreneurship, ‘ENT 101’. We didn’t write exams or tests on this course, we were simply given assignments, which we were to do and submit ONLINE.

We were to do 10 of such assignments per semester and that was how we were graded on the course; no exams or tests, just the online assignments.



Lecturers told us in class that we needed a laptop to access the website where the assignment will be submitted, thus, students like me, who didn’t have a laptop at the time had to visit a cafe/computer service centre to solve and submit the assignment online.

At the news of this, cafe men began to make money…they were charging as high as N500-N1000 for each assignment per student.


I had to pay N500 to do my first assignment…then I began to think, “Does it mean that I’d have to be paying N5000 per semester on one course alone?”- 2 units, general course for that matter.


Meanwhile, I just got my first android phone around that time- iTel 1508.

When we were given the second assignment for that semester, I thought “Would it hurt if I just try accessing this website with my phone?” So, I just tried it, and… it worked!


I was able to do my own assignment with my phone!- that meant I didn’t have to pay a dime to anyone to get my assignments done for me again!

Then I thought, “What if I could do the same for other students?”– my dear, that single thought led to the launching of my first business on campus and the beginning of my entrepreneurial adventure-  ENT Solutions Inc.

I began to solve ‘ENT’ assignments for other students- for just N100 only!- beating the competitors, providing cheaper, better solutions for my colleagues…the result was massive.


I was solving a problem- and I was making money.


N100 looks small, but multiply it by at least 200 students (there are times I did for more than that number of students), multiplied by 10 assignments each semester. That, my friend, was my humble beginning as an entrepreneur.


Therefore, the biggest secret making money is this: “Solve a Problem. Add Value. Think beyond yourself. Do something that others will be willing to PAY you for”


To make money, you need to acquire the necessary skill that others will be willing to pay you for.


To make more money, simply provide higher value.

My knowledge of the use of internet and willingness to try something new- against the opinion of the ENT lecturers, paid off for me.

One of such money-making skill is what I am inviting you to come and learn at this 1-day Intensive Photoshop Training. 

At the end of the training, you will be able to design the perfect graphics for your online business and for others- both online and offline. That is the way to make money.

Location: Lagos

Date: Wednesday 13th September; 2017

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P.S: Don’t forget, to make money, you need to solve a problem. To solve a problem, you need the right skills and skills are acquired by training.

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