Mastering Copywriting Skills Can Accelerate Your Income!

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I often hear the following complaints from business owners;

“People like my posts yet they don’t buy my products.”

“Why haven’t I got more quality clients?”

As businesses owners, it is not enough to just write and make posts, we want to make MORE profits. We want people to buy our products.

The measure of success of each posts is not in the number of likes, the real question is – how much revenue does it generate?

When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you found it creative, I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product”, says David Ogilvy.

If you are the voice behind your business, you can certainly write something about it. But if you are going to make sales through your posts, you have to do more than just writing, you must understand what makes your audience ticks, what their challenges are, what they want from life, among others. This brings me to the subject called Copywriting.


The greatest mistake you can make is to believe you can copy write just because you are a good writer. This is so far from the truth. Being a good writer, with a degree in English language or Linguistics doesn’t make you a good copywriter.

Copywriting isn’t just typing words on your phone or laptop for hours, it is the lifeline of your business.

Show me a great copywriter and I will show you a successful Marketer/Salesperson. In the same vein, you don’t need to be an exceptionally good writer to become a great copywriter. The skill of copywriting is learnable.

Great copywriting will sell your products and services without stress. Good copywriting address the needs and wants of your audience.

For instance, take a look at these two statements;

Statement 1: Through Facebook adverts, you can make a lot of money

Statement 2: We generated over #100, 000 in three days using Facebook adverts, so can YOU.

Which one makes you ticks? The second, of course! Why? Because it will spur the reader to make a move like to buy or to stay updated with news/products.

To be an effective copywriter, you need to think like a marketer. Your goal is not to impress your audience with your excellent writing skill. You are out to make SALES.

Copywriting is not about the company, it’s about the consumer’s perception of the company. Good copywriters sell the company’s brand to the consumers and show them why they’re worth the consumer’s money. The ability and skill of the copywriter can make or break your marketing campaign.

Can You Hire A Copy Writer?

Alternately, some businesses even make the mistake of hiring writers/freelancer to write for them. Whilst that is not wrong, hiring an outsider might even be more dangerous. Why? Because they don’t have in-depth understanding of your products, which is an essential skill in copy writing.

If you must hire one, ensure that they understand perfectly what your business is about.

At Automated eCash Online Business Company, we have seen the skill of copywriting do great wonders. A single copywriting generated over 200% increase in income.

It is our greatest desire to see your business soar. We are committed to this cause and we shall chase it till we hit the mark. Presently, we have trained over 100 business owners, who continually say that our training has transformed their thinking and businesses.

Your business can be transformed to make more profits too.

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Aliu Iyanuoluwa Olamide

P.R. Automated eCash Online Business Company

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