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What does it really take to make money?

We have heard the sentence “it takes money to make money” several times now- and probably didn’t pause to vet it because the statement is sort of ‘universally accepted’.

But do you know that, that phrase is only half the truth? Read on

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Making money is not as hard as most people think.

In fact, it is as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Find a Problem
  2. Get a Solution
  3. Provide the solution, at a price

Let me tell you that in practical terms, do you know that there are several problems people face daily that you probably have solutions to?


Here’s what to do to make money:

If you have a problem, and somehow you were able to solve it (any problem at all!) Just believe (because it’s true) that, there is at least ONE person (often there are thousands!) out there who has the same problem you had (and yet to find a solution)’, what you simply need do is to reach out to these people with the solution you have found out!

That way, you are providing value and as a universal rule, ‘people pay for value!’

Online or offline, no one will throw money at you. NO. Money has always been ‘a means of exchange of goods and services’ so, you have to give something (of value) in exchange for people’s hard-earned money.


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Think of it: you pay the cab man because he is able to transport you to your desired destination

You pay the laundry man for washing your clothes

Note: Everyone has AN IDEA that Sells (That Includes You)!

So many times we tend to think that, ‘it takes money to make money’…really?  have you ever noticed that it takes more than  just ‘money’ to make money?

Here;s what they didn’t tell us: What it really takes to make money is AN IDEA!

Yes, you may need funds to execute the idea. That is true…though half the truth too. The other half is this…not all the time. So, you may need money to execute an idea, BUT not all the time.

Again, I will give you a practical example.

I had a business idea many months ago, I wanted to be selling fairly used gadgets (phones, laptops, home appliances etc.) online. That was the idea. Simple.

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Now, someone may look at that and say, ‘you definitely need money to do that’ BUT, you know what? – I didn’t!

All I started off with was my smartphone. And today, I still run that business with my (not-so-smart) smartphone only!

If you want the idea, you can contact me on WhatsApp (+2348037067927) and I will share the idea with you because ANYONE can do it. It’s one of the ways I make money online with my (not-so-smart) smartphone.

But for today, I want to focus on YOU providing Value and Getting Paid for it (because that is the way to make money- online or offline.

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The REAL thing it takes to make money is AN IDEA. Without an idea, money is like a gold ring on the nose of a pig!


Over to you, do you agree with this?, what’s your view about making money? what do you think it takes? leave your comments below!

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