How to Keep Visitors Coming To Your Website

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Have you ever seen a horrible website design before? Maybe you have, maybe not.

But of course, you must have waited on a queue for hours before, right? Let me guess – Yes! Why? You are a Nigerian! (Laughs)

How does it feel having to wait for several minutes or hours before you can use the Automated Teller Machine? Again, may I guess? Horrible!

If you want a similar experience to this, use a poorly designed website. It is extremely slow, with low quality graphics and difficult to navigate through.

With customer’s attention span pegged at 8 seconds only, this kind of website will only lose to competitors with better designs and structure.

This is the mobile age. The world is changing, so are your customers.

Majority of potential customers use mobile phones to search the web, read contents, interact on social media and buy goods and services.

More than half of the world’s Internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

Most of your customers will access your website on their mobile phones, hence the need to design it in a way that’s been optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

You need to make sure that menus display well for users and deliver contents in a way that is easy to consume.


Here are some great tips to make your website mobile-friendly;

  1. Use a responsive design which has the ability to adapt to different screen sizes.

Your customers and potential customers won’t go through the stress of zooming in on tiny text.

If your website isn’t easy to navigate through, you’ll lose customers to your competitors.

With a mobile-responsive design, it doesn’t matter if your customers use a desktop screen or a mobile phone, with a responsive website, they will still have a great experience.

How about that?


  1. Use customer-friendly themes. There are free themes on WordPress. You can try them out in case you are on a tight budget.
  2. Test! Before publishing anything online, test it on mobile phone to see how it looks. It might look perfect on desktops and not on mobile phones.


  1. Create mobile-friendly content. The world is getting busier by the day and customers have little patience for long, boring posts.


Your articles need to be catchy and valuable. Make your headlines short and more persuasive. Make each paragraph short and break up long posts with headers.


  1. Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Watch shows that mobile users tend to be more specific in their searches. It is therefore important to use specific keywords that your customers are familiar with.



We understand that most of our clients might not be very computer savvy. Besides, designing and managing websites is very technical.

At Automated eCash Online Business Company, we can help design and maintain an engaging mobile website that gives your business a voice amongst your competitors.

Intelligent business owners are leveraging on mobile websites to drive leads and sales.

You don’t want to miss out!

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Iyanuoluwa Olamide Aliu

P.R/Social Media Manager

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