How to Increase Conversion Rates using Text Message (SMS) Marketing

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Think about this! – What is the easiest, highly targeted and most personal way to reach people?

Your potential customers are like you in many ways.

They go about with their mobile phones like you.

They check their phones at regular intervals like you.

They read their text messages like you.

One of the most easiest and efficient way to reach your customers is through text messages.

According to Ihumanmedia, 58% of smartphone users check their phones at least every hour. Emails can stay unread for days, but text messages are read almost immediately.

Think about the last time you were trying to avoid a call and then, the person sent you a text message. I bet you read it. That’s the power of text messages.

You can still ignore WhatsApp chats sometimes and blame it on lack of data but it’s difficult to ignore a compelling text message.

What could be more efficient than sending your messages directly into your customer’s hand?

You might say, “Some customers get really annoyed by marketing messages as they find them intrusive”. As much as this is true, result from big name industries such as Seattle Sun Tan has proved otherwise.

According to Tatango Inc., within the first month of their SMS campaign, close to 5,000 people subscribed to receive text messages and offers, generating about $200,000 in revenue.

That’s over 40,000,000 in naira!

SMS Marketing is highly productive and will generate huge sales as long as you offer value to your customers.


Tips to follow to generate leads and sales using SMS marketing

1. Create a special offer

For instance, if you want them to subscribe to your weekly skin care tips, you can offer free special videos, related to your services to those who sign up and include a link to the video in your text message.

2.  Ask for their permission

Before sending them messages, make sure they have opted in to your marketing messages. This will ensure that they don’t get annoyed when they see your messages.

3. Use call-to-action (CTA) buttons

This increases customer’s engagement with SMS marketing texts.

Examples of CTA winners include “Click here”, “Buy now”.

The purpose of this is to lead them to your website as there is not enough space in your SMS message to include all the information the customer will need.

Always drive traffic to website. Include a link to your website in the text message.

4. Timing is important

Clients are most likely to respond to last minute impulses. Don’t send your messages too early, as customers might forget.

5. Know thy customers.

Know what time they want to receive messages.

It is advisable to send messages between 8am and 9pm for courtesy purposes

6. Make sure your message is clear.

Go straight to the point. Limit your text to a page (preferably less than 160 characters). Don’t abbreviate, write in clear English.

Give the specific date when the sale ends. This provokes quick response from your customers.

7. Know Your Best Clients and Focus on Them.

These are the ones who consistently buy from you and invite their friends also to buy from you.

You don’t want to lose them. So, keep them coming back by enticing them with special offers and extra benefits.

8. Be consistent. Consistency is key. Create a schedule and stick to it.


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Iyanuoluwa Olamide Aliu

P.R/Social Media Manager

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