First Steps to Living a Boss-Free Life

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First Steps to Living a Boss-Free Life

January 24, 2018 Services 0
First Steps to Living a Boss-Free Life
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Living a boss-free life is a dream to many but only few people eventually achieve that dream.
In this post, I will get behind the scene to tell you about myself and how I started out…(and how you can too ūüôā

In 2012, I applied to be a¬†sales representative¬†at a local supermarket in Akure (Yes, I’m based in Akure :)…

I was to open the shop by 8am and close by 6pm….and the salary was

…Seven thousand naira

At the time, I didn’t have any internet-related skills….

I didn’t have a laptop…

I didn’t have ANY business….

I was a stark computer illiterate…

I was just another secondary school leaver wanting something just to get by…

But you know what happened?….

I offered to resign….

.after ONE week!

because I lost something very dear to me….

Something everyone dreams to have….


That’s what I lost when I was working 240 hours¬†every month….

and earning Seven thousand naira…

I hope you don’t lose yours too…

I was earning less than 30naira per hour!

Since then, I knew living under a BOSS was not just my thing…

My boss then is now my MENTOR….

Yes, living a boss-free life may not be sooo easy…

…in fact, it’s more challenging and demanding….

But comparing that with having my own TIME FREEDOM?

It was a risk worth taking!

Online business has helped me take control of my time….and it will do the same for you!

It’s a beautiful experience….worth all the effort….

And it all started in 2014….with a BLOG!

No doubt about this…

Blogging is the perfect way for you to start out online…

  • It’s easy to start….
  • Requires low capital investment…
  • Gives you¬†easy access to places and people you may NEVER have met…
  • An avenue to promote yourself; your brand, your ideas, your beliefs…ANYTHING you represent
  • Yet financially rewarding…
  • It helps you take control of your time and get your life back within few years of dedication
  • You work at your own pace, you’re your own boss!
I understand you may be sooo inexperienced at this, or you may not have done this before, yet have a desire to launch your own blog…
I’m here to help you as a friend, a coach and a guide…let me travel this journey with you!

When you take my¬†blog set up, design and training promo offer, you’re not just investing in a better future

It may well be your first bold step to making your dream of living a boss-free life become a reality…

I didn’t have a guide, a coach when I was launching out online…

I didn’t have someone to take my hand and groom me to success….

But I’m offering to do this [and more] for you!

Fast-track your online success today, and enjoy the TRUE freedom of a boss-free life!

– Gbenga E. Borokinni,
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