How To Build Your Own Online Money Making Machine in Nigeria

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How to Build Your Own Money Making Machine-

Today, I want to share with you how to build your own online money making machine- through internet marketing business.

What is Internet Marketing?

From the word ‘marketing’, what you are simply doing is promoting or marketing  Hot Selling products through the internet.

The only limit to how much you can make online is determined by you…really.

I would be lying to you if I told you that you can build the business in ONE day. No. But you can learn the system/process and MASTER it- like a pro! and you will surely make your perpetual income from it if you really have the desire to make money and follow the guidelines I will be giving you.

My aim has always been to teach you how you can begin to make money online.

There are 4 Major TOOLS You Need To Succeed as an Internet Marketer

1. Products to Sell/Promote

2. An Email LIST of subscribers

3. An “AutoResponder System”

4. An optimized  Website

You may not necessarily have all of them at the onset (I didn’t too), but you will need them- sure, I am here to also show you how to get them.

Now Let’s talk about those Tools

1. Product to Sell/Promote
Usually, in this business, what we sell are digital products (like eBooks, Videos of tutorials on ‘How Tos’, Softwares etc ) or services that can be rendered ONLINE.

How Do You Get Products to Promote Online?

There are 2 Basic sources:

i.Either You create our own product or

ii. You promote someone else’s

For beginners, it is always advisable to start with the second option. Trying to create your own product can be really tasking, time-wasting and resource demanding- remember, your aim is to SELL and Make Money.

Promoting someone else’s product is called “Affiliate Marketing” You get a commission on each and every sale you make when you promote to your ‘list’ ad they ‘buy’ from you- the higher the commission rate, the more money you make. (More on that later)

2. You Need a LIST
What do I mean by that?
A List consists of  HUMAN BEINGS like you, People who gives you their details like Name, Phone number and EMAIL address.
The Bigger Your List, the more money you can make- “The Money is in the List”
How do you get people to subscribe to your list?- by offering them VALUE. Something they will be interested in- More on that in my next Email.

In My next blog post, I will show you “How to Build Your Email List From Scratch” (No Worries okay?)

3. You Need an “AutoResponder System”
As you keep building your list, you will start ‘marketing’ to them. This means that you will need to start pitching your products or services to them- so they can BUY (That’s how you make money).

At that point, you will need what we call an “Autoresponder System”- What is that about?- it is a system that can SEND out messages, particularly email or sms mesages on your behalf.

You just program it once and you’re done- it will keep sending messages to your list at intervals you set. That means you don’t have to worry your head writing emails everyday or every time someone subscribes to your list- autoresponder system is the magic behind ‘making money while you are sleeping’

So, How Do You Make Money in this Whole Process?
Let’s do a little mathematics here: Assuming you have a List of 20, 000 subscribers- that’s 20,000 people from any region of the world (Of course you will have more- there are millions of active emails users in Nigeria alone, you only need a tiny piece of that to make mney, and as I promised, I will show you how to get them in my next email)

You keep sending promotional messages to these people, products or services that you know they WANT- that will add VALUE to them.

Let’s say just 5% of those people ACTUALLY buy from you- that’s 1,000 people buying your product just because you send a SINGLE email. Nothing amazing yet right?
Let’s say you make just N500  from each affiliate product you SELL– do the math:
N500 x 1,000 = that’s N500,000. Yes, Five Hundred Thousand Naira- from a single mail!

Can you SEE what I am passing across to you?- the money is in the list!

4. A Website

A website is just like your ‘shop’ online, it is where you want your potential cutomers or subscribers to find you.

A standard website must have a URL that is unique to your business e.g.

Would you have subscribed to my list if my web address was something like this:– Not likely.

But don’t get it all mixed up, the website is NOT your business– it is only a TOOL, so you should not focus your attention of creating one (you can always outsource that- and trust me, I have you covered on that- my team of designers will do the job at a fee you can’t resist!)- What you want to build is a BUSINESS- that SELLS….Selling, Selling, Selling- that’s how you make money!- it’s how every rich and wealthy people make money- by SELLING

I will stop here today. I hope you’ve LEARNT something valuable to your online business in this piece?

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Are you READY to START Building Your Own Online Money Making Machine?

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Gbenga E. Borokinni For: AUtomated eCash




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