How to Build Massive Email List From Scratch- Internet Marketing

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Your LIST is definitely the most important ASSET to your internet marketing business.

This is because, no one can take that from you (except they unsubscribe themselves- which could happen if you don’t provide enough value or deliver on what you promised them which made them subscribe in the first place)

To Build Your Email List, you need “TRAFFIC”
‘Traffic’ is simply the sum-total of the PEOPLE that get to see your ‘optin page’

An “OPTIN PAGE” (Also Known as Squeeze page) is a page on your WEBSITE where you Collect people’s data, like name and email address.

These people are oftentimes call ‘Lead’- that is ‘potential’ customers, who may eventually buy from you.

Of course, not every ‘Lead’ that lands on your optin page will subscribe to your email list, this could be as a result of:
1. Whether or not they are interested in what you have to offer
2. How well your optin or squeeze page was designed- appealing or a turn off?
3. How well you ‘pitch’ your offer.

Generally, we use an incentive to stimulate people to subscribe to our list- this could be be in form of a FREE ebook, report or any other valuable “How To” which they will not have access to from you UNLESS they join your list by ENTRUSTing their basic details to you.

How Do You Generate TRAFFIC or Leads to Your Optin Page?
There are Two Ways to Generate Traffic
1. Free Traffic
2. Paid Traffic e.g PPC, advert placement on blogs etc.

Whichever one you choose- although I highly recommend that you consider investing in PAID traffic, but, as a beginner, I know you are likely to want to start with the FREE traffic methods (I started that way too.)

If that is you, at the end of this mail, I have included a comprehensive eBook on “How to Generate Massive Web Traffic Using All Free Methods” for you. Download it and keep it handy because you will find ithelpful in building YOUR OWN list.

On the other hand, PAID traffic guarantees the quickest Returns on Investment.
With PAID traffic, you can set your TARGET audience- that is, only people who are interested in your niche will see your adverts- and hopefully subscribe to your list.

The major PAID traffic gateway is FaceBook Ads. You must have seen posts on facebook- either from Pages or Brands with *sponsored post* inscription on top- that’s a Facebook Advert.
With some investment, you can begin to build your list and make good sales that will be more than enough to compensate your investment.

There is also the PPC (Pay Per Click)- you drop the link to your optin page with blogs and websites with high traffic and you pay them for every traffic they send to you from their website.

I hope you now have an idea of how to build your email list?
Get more insight in this eBook-  “How to Generate Massive Traffic Using All Free Methods”

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