About Us

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At Automated eCash, we truly believe that Online Business has the potential to end poverty in Africa.

We believe that there are legit money-making opportunities online  that you can and should benefit from.

That is why, at Automated eCash, our focus is to empower individuals and businesses with the needful information and skills to create wealth via the internet by building profitable online businesses.


Building a successful online business seems to be a daunting task to many, especially stark newbies.

This is largely because there is too much information aka ‘information overload’ on the internet…


Automated eCash is here to take away the ‘mysteries’ and actually help you understand the secrets to building a successful online business.


All our Training, Services and Consulting sessions are programmed to be beginner friendly yet very valuable to semi-gurus.


We simplify online business in such a way that even a baby will understand (funny)- that’s just to tell you how simple we make our training programs are!

If you ever want to learn how to make money online the legit way…

Or want to build an online business from scratch to becoming an empire that will generate consistent income for you- You can depend on us!

Consider us your go-to FRIEND on all things ONLINE BUSINESS.

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